Achieve Better Results through Targeted Mentoring Programs

Nearly 70 percent of Fortune 500 firms utilize mentoring, but many organizations aren’t fully leveraging their mentoring programs. Part of the problem is that they’re not targeting the programs to address specific purposes or solve particular development needs. Read on to learn how you can take a more targeted approach to your own mentoring programs so your organization maximizes the benefits.

Developing Employees through Coaching and Mentoring

As the lead article describes, a well-focused mentoring program can help you grow the skills of your team members. Coaching is another important development tool. What are the differences and similarities between mentoring and coaching, and when should you use them? We offer some guidance.

Be Prepared: It’s a Motto for Managers Too

Like almost anything, it takes preparation and practice to be a good manager. And it’s more challenging than ever to be one. Employee expectations are shifting, talent is fleeing, and companies are finding a lack of essential skill sets. In order to address this, organizations must invest in developing their managers’ skills. Here are some areas to focus on and the potential benefits.

Boost Your Management Vitals

If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop your managers, we invite you to join us for our public session of Management Vitals on June 5–6.The day-and-a-half program builds essential people management skills and teaches participants how to guide employees throughout the entire talent management life cycle—from interviewing to onboarding to managing performance. Register now to take advantage of this affordable development opportunity.

Interested in checking out the Management Vitals workshop before signing up? Join us for a free hour-long preview session on April 14.

Challenge Yourself to Be a Better Leader

On April 24–25, FlashPoint will facilitate a public session of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop for Emerging Leaders. Are you or a team member new to a leadership role or expecting to take on management responsibilities? This popular session is just what you need to build your leadership skills. Register now.

Upcoming Events

Join FlashPoint for the following events. Visit our website to learn details and register online.

PREVIEW SESSION: Management Vitals
April 14, 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT (via webinar)

During this preview session we'll explore the content FlashPoint delivers in our Management Vitals training and how it can help your managers and supervisors develop essential people management skills.

PUBLIC WORKSHOP: The Leadership Challenge® Workshop for Emerging Leaders
April 24–25 (1.5 days, FlashPoint, downtown Indianapolis)

We adapt The Leadership Challenge® Workshop specifically for emerging leaders, to help those who are newer to leadership roles or who do not yet have formal management responsibilities build their capacity to lead.

WEBINAR: Group Coaching: A Cost-Effective Way to Achieve Results
May 1, 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT

Many organizations are using group coaching as a tool to develop their employees. In this webinar we’ll share when group coaching tends to work best, how it should be structured, considerations for creating ownership, and tips to ensure it has a lasting impact.

PREVIEW SESSION Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Workshop
May 19, 2:00–3:00 p.m. EDT (via webinar)

Learn more about FlashPoint’s Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Workshop and how it can benefit your team members (helping them to apply emotional intelligence skills in day-to-day workplace situations, for example, and to understand their own emotional strengths and growth opportunities).

FlashPoint, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) founded in 2002, provides talent management consulting in three practice areas:

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Our experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate consultants work with mid-size to large organizations to leverage talent, develop leaders, and accomplish strategic business objectives.

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